Winners emerge in the 2023 NCC Talent Hunt Research Through Hackathon

Following the disruption on March 14, 2024, which affected data and voice services due to cuts in undersea fibre optics along the coasts of Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal, the Nigerian Communications Commission has announced that services have now been restored to approximately 90% of their peak utilization capacities.

Winners emerged today in the last part of the 2023 Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Talent Hunt Research Through Hackathon. Out of the 81 entries that came in, 12 were shortlisted to participate in the tech innovation contest, out of which 3 emerged as winners from three thematic foci. In the Blockchain Solution category, Know-Now Limited emerged winner with N10m prize. In the Renewable Energy Solutions category, Solaris GreenTech Hub, emerged the winner with N10m prize;  and in the Assistive Technology Solutions category, Spex Care Limited emerged winner with N10m prize. The remaining 9 innovators from the 12 were given N500,000 consolation prize each with certificate of commendation for their participation in the annual contest hosted  by the NCC.

In a keynote speech by Engr. Ubale Maska, Executive Commissioner, Technical Services at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) affirmed that the Commission’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving positive change through hackathons and related initiatives remains unwavering. The transformative power of innovation knows no bounds, and together, we will continue to explore uncharted territories, seek groundbreaking solutions, and ultimately, contribute to the progress and prosperity of our great nation.

He noted that over the years, “the Commission has actively promoted hackathon competitions, each with a thematic focus aimed at addressing significant challenges within our industries and society as a whole. Some noteworthy examples include hackathons that yielded innovative solutions for issues such as kidnapping and banditry, E-waste management, and strategies to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The focus for the year was on 3 pivotal thematic areas, which are Blockchain-enabled Data Protection Solutions for Enhancing Regulatory Compliance; Assistive Technology Solutions for the Elderly and People with Disabilities; and Technology Solutions for Renewable Energy in Rural Areas that “not only pertain to our great nation but also resonate with global concerns.”

Maska stated that “the journey does not end here. The next stage involves the Adoption of Digital Innovative Services and Products stemming from the Hackathons. In this initiative, our Commission takes the lead in sponsoring the deployment of the finalized products within select government agencies and institutions. It is with great pride that I inform you that, thus far, we have successfully adopted all three winning solutions from the 2020 Hackathon. These solutions were meticulously crafted to combat pandemics and epidemics that threatened our nation.

The first solution, Klasconnect, is an e-learning marvel that fortifies the interaction between instructors and students. Our Commission has spearheaded its implementation in six government schools, strategically located across the six geopolitical zones of our nation. The second solution, an Automated Temperature Scanner with Contact Tracing Capability, now graces the Commission’s library, serving as a beacon of advanced technology in our institution. Lastly, we have the SmartClinic, a versatile mobile and web solution that seamlessly connects patients through a mobile health app with a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS). This innovation boasts an array of features, including COVID-19 self-assessment, hospital registration through the app, instant consultation options encompassing chat, voice, and video, and comprehensive documentation by doctors. In another remarkable achievement, our Commission has facilitated the deployment of this solution to four teaching hospitals and two state- owned hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of our nation.



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