7 Reasons Why NLNG is the most socially Responsible Company in Nigeria

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is today rounding off the fifth edition of the “NLNG Change Your Story”, the annual capacity-building workshop for journalists, focusing on digital communication skills, mobile journalism, and multimedia journalism sponsored by the organisation since 2015. The workshop which is organised in collaboration with ‘The Journalism Clinic’’, a foremost media training institution, usually spans three days, bringing together over 20 journalists from various media organisations.

It is on account of NLNG’s record in enhancing the capacity of professionals across different fields that it is widely regarded as one of the most socially responsible organizations in Nigeria. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Sustainability: NLNG anchors its corporate social responsibility on sustainability, stakeholding, and partnership, which it says, means that the company is committed to ensuring that its operations are not only environmentally sustainable, but that it contributes to the long-term social and economic development of Nigeria. NLNG’s vision is to be a globally competitive LNG company helping to build a better Nigeria.

2. Economic Empowerment: NLNG has consistently committed to the promotion of economic empowerment in Nigeria, which it does by implementing several initiatives aimed at empowering local communities, including the provision of micro-credit facilities, vocational training, and entrepreneurship development programmes. The company’s mission is to safely and reliably produce and deliver LNG to customers around the world, while contributing to the social and economic development of Nigeria

3. Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership: NLNG recognizes the importance of engaging with its stakeholders, including local communities, government agencies, and civil society organizations. The company has established several platforms for stakeholder engagement, including community development committees, town hall meetings, and regular consultations with government agencies. Over the years, NLNG has established several partnerships with local and international organizations to promote sustainable development in Nigeria.

4. Host Communities: NLNG recognizes the importance of its host communities and is committed to supporting their development. The company has implemented several initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of its host communities, including the provision of healthcare facilities, educational scholarships, and infrastructure development.

5. NLNG has undertaken several infrastructure development projects in its host communities, including Bonny Kingdom and the contiguous pipeline communities. This includes the Omokwa Town Hall and Rumuji 2.7km road projects. NLNG, under the auspices of the Joint Industry Companies (JIC) had also provided a round-the-clock electricity supply to all residents of Bonny, along with a water reticulation project.

But by far, the most defining infrastructure development project undertaken by NLNG is the Bonny-Bodo Road, a 38km road project that links Bonny Island to the mainland in Rivers State. This project had been abandoned for decades until it was revived a few years back, now being executed through a tripartite agreement between the Federal Government of Nigeria, Nigeria LNG Limited, and Julius Berger Nigeria Plc at an estimated cost of over N120 billion. The road project is expected to massively open up the region to more economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for residents.

6. Education and Health: NLNG has demonstrated its commitment to the promotion of education in Nigeria by implementing several initiatives aimed at improving access to education, including the provision of scholarships and the construction of schools. Between 2014 and 2016, NLNG executed a University Support programme, which saw to the setting up of State-of-the-art Engineering Laboratories in 6 Universities across all the geo-political zones.

In the area of healthcare, NLNG has implemented several initiatives aimed at improving access to healthcare, including the construction of healthcare facilities and the provision of medical supplies. In 2022, NLNG instituted its multi-billion-naira Hospital Support Programme (NLNG HSP), which aims to boost the healthcare delivery system in 12 Federal University Teaching Hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.n 12 Teaching Hospitals across the country. The first phase of the project, which covered six Hospitals has been completed.

7. NLNG Prize for Literature and Science: NLNG sponsors of three of the biggest and most prestigious prizes in Africa for science, literature, and literary criticism. The NLNG Prize for Literature and Science is a demonstration of its commitment to the promotion of excellence and innovation in literature and science in Nigeria.

The NLNG Prize for Literature, set up to promote Nigerian literature and encourage the reading culture in Nigeria, is awarded annually to the best book by a Nigerian author published in the preceding year, with the winner receiving a cash prize of $100,000.

The NLNG Prize for Science is awarded annually to the best scientific breakthrough by a Nigerian or non-Nigerian scientist living and working in Nigeria, with the winner receiving a cash prize of $100,000.


By Simbo Olorunfemi

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